Avoca Lagoon - 24 May 2016

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44 photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - The vibrant scene at Avoca Lagoon

Bob shows the others how to get going

Visitor Alison enjoys her day out on the lagoon

Doug checks that everyone is ready

Andrew should give lessons on how to paddle properly

It's Knut's birthday today, and he's determined to enjoy himself

Barry at the helm

Alison is very popular with the photographers, and web guys

Alison's mate Gloria

Brian didn't find much rubbish in this beautiful place, good on you Avocans!

Knut gets a nature shot

This isn't it, this is Harry's shot.

Keith found the well-hidden shortcut between bodies of water

Don't worry about the grass, just push through!

Needs a little help in the shallows

And he's through!

Viv on her quite large board

The soft forest. You could sleep on this!

Efim coming back out of the interesting little creek

John and Annie in their canoe/kayak

Bede loves kayaking

Bob's photos now - Tranquil scene, with unseen violence on the other side of the beach (like big waves, see next pic)

Part of our fleet, and Alison with her solar phone

Yeah, nice shot

Gloria and her friend Alison

Bede with his nuggety kayak

Alison getting in my shot

Joe in Saltwater Creek

Barry getting in my shot too

Indignant water fowl. There were a couple of nice black swans too, but nobody got 'em.

Bede on his hobie kayak

Andrew powers on

Garry heading for the creek

Efim has been to the end of the creek

Lucky Bob got this only shot of Nicole!

Keith and Ian try to block the creek

Ian enjoyed that. Check out the vines on the tree trunk!

Doug in somebody's back yard

This is the old iron and timber bridge up the creek

Viv falls to her knees to get under the possum bridge

Knut blocks Rolf's shot

Rolf's moment in the sun

Viv heads up Saltwater Creek, to use its proper name

She's such a trooper, our Viv! Thanks for looking at our photos!

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