Avoca Lake - 11 October 2016

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Bob's photos first - Avoca Beach

Avoca Lagoon

Sue launches her kayak

John and Annie

Heading up the creek

Harry goes under the makeshift bridge

Friendly Lori, always keen!

Harry's photos now - nice venue

Apprehensive Bob

Cool Carol

Golly, it's Chris!

Fred is very experienced

Danny leads the fleet

Laurie (detail)

Brian has to make room for his newfound raft

Sue follows Doug

Doug gets away

Right, that should hold it!

Nah, bugger it!

Keith (actually smiling!) and Ian

Danny in the enchanted swamp

Harry confirms the top of the creek is a waterfall

Azi loves the outdoors

Azi hits the big 7-0 too!

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