Blackalls Park - 7 June 2016

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Photos by Bob

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Bob leads today's paddle

John interviews new guy Mark (not all that new)

Bill out on Edmunds Bay

Hold onto your hat, Knut!

Mark in Wendall's kayak

Always smiling Judy and Andy

The bridge over Mudd Creek

With the extra water from 3 days of rain, the bridge is too low for us

Doug chucks a ewey

Sweet Sue and Annie

Knut heads for Stoney Creek

Exiting Mudd (with 2 d's) Creek

Annie and John make it out OK

Frank powers down Stoney Creek

Oh, Frank! Hit a snag?

All part of the fun

Ready to roll again. An example of self-rescue.

Rolf making the most of the sunshine

Brian is one of a kind. Not sure which kind but.

Today's wildlife shot. Noisy and smelly!

Nikki and Bob somewhere

Still smiling, nearly.

Fred cruises past.

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