Blackalls Park - 24 October 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Carefully getting ready to launch

Bob W, set to go

Carol looking very cool

Lawrie's still got his rough water pontoons on

Harry's nature shot - an egret

Nikki fangs it!

Bob at the confluence of two creeks

Paul only lives walking distance away, so his wife Shirley came down to say hello.

Carol has some early m/t

Peter C well up the LT Creek (that's its name)

Malcolm is easy to spot

John dZ kayaking

Friede making the most of the day

Brian with a bin full of rubbish, plus a bike wheel and a chair.

Nice close shot of Daz2

Colourful Nikki

Haven't seen Arthur for a while. Welcome back Arfur!

Bob's stuff now - Heading out across Fennell Bay

Getting sorted

Keith shows off his foot

John dZ with Danny and Doug not paying any attention

Jill and Trevor doing stuff together

Dennis doing his own thing

Harry and Nicole in the pristine waters of Fennell Bay. Lots of fish jumping!

Everybody heads up LT Creek

Keith again. Always smiling!

George has taken to kayaking like a duck to water.

Lorraine C with her hubbie, Peter, and Viv in between.

Peter C (closer)

Fred in the mangroves

I would love to see more of these old tractors. Should be in a museum!

Nice shot of the Toronto waterfront. That's all - 33 pix.

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