Bonnells Bay - 11 December 2018

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Photos by Harry, Bob and Danny

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Danny's photo - Shingle Splitters Point, so near yet so far!

Harry's photos next - nice boat ramp

Linda hoists her kayak into the drink

This is my only photo of George

Keith approaches the water

Brian psyching himself up

Lovely shot of Nikki

Nice photo of Danny, too. Thanks Harry!

Some weird sort of seabird

Swan flying (detail)

Debbie under steam

Daz2 always looks happy

Friede perfectly matched with his kayak

Linda's kayak needs a haircut

Bob's photos now. Bobby and George at the ramp

Bobby Di on the lake

Darryl, worth another photo

Jill and Trevor

Deb always takes a nice picture!

Knut in action

Barry at the start

Linda doesn't have a rudder, making steering in the wind a struggle

Racing with a swan

Linda is our featured kayaker today

Now for someone completely different, Darryl #1

Another nice photo of Danny. Thanks Bob!

Looking for a creek, in shallow water

Lastly, Keith again.

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