Budgewoi - 23 August 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Bob's photos first - Soft-focus shot of Nikki

Diane supervising the launch

Lovely spot to launch a kayak

Diane with a spare leg she found in the lake

Danny trying to get his long legs in a short cockpit


Ian smiling this week

Ian shows the footbridge

Carol in the calm waters of the channel

Bob loves the outdoors.

Pelicans also like being outside

The weed collector motors past with the driver on the phone

Nikki out on choppy Lake Budgewoi

Diane motors through the swell

Steve on his sit-on

Dennis and Carol chat on the way to San Remo

Daryl and Harry and the Toukley Bridge (way back)

Brian's off to Spain and France this week for 6 weeks! Bon voyage, Brian!

Bob coming out of the Hot Water Bay

Daz lost on the big lake

Harry Rex

Harry's photos now - Carol in the Budgie channel

Starboard side of the weed-muncher

Lori shows us the beautiful day!

Lori in exquisite detail

Finally, Bob shows us the choppy conditions prevailing. Thanks for looking!

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