Budgewoi, Lake Munmorah - 25 April 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Richard and Kristina get their kayaks of a very high van

Di, Paul and George look wistfully at Lake Munmorah

Thousands of dollars worth of kayaks

Bob paddling off the shore

Claire's back, looking quite distinguished

Kris and Richard on their public holiday

Dianne at the Budgewoi Sailing Club

Linda and her mates

George's first outing

Fred launches

Friede carries his timber craft to the lake

Dean and Fred

Ian looks determined

Where did they go?

Alan, Sandra, Danny's Pajero and Gloria

Ray's on his own at this point, Merrill came later.

Danny shows how choppy the water is

Dean paddled over to the cliffs

Dean and Bob somewhere nice

Nice shot near the cliffs

Wildlife shot, worn-out sandstone boulder

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