Budgewoi - 29 August 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - The venue at Mackenzie Park, Budgewoi

The footbridge

Di looking for her husband George

Aaah, there he is!

Spiffy Nikki

Bob's photos coming soon

I've selected this photo of John out of the 13 I had

Not very good shot of Baz, but the only one we've got

Diane again, with some of her friends

A special friend of Harry's

More swans

Bob's photos now - the launch venue from the footbridge

Moonie trying not to fall in the water

Ray B

Di is ready for this shot

Ray and Brian not smiling

Is that you, Keith?

Knut and Doug paddle east into the sun

Viv takes her jacket off almost immediately after starting

Dougie demonstrates the choppy water

At Elizabeth Bay beach it's time to get some of this gear off. Probably regretted it after heading back into the chilly wind (15°C)

John shows off the nice sandstone cliffs past Lizzie Bay

Bob back at Budgewoi

Dean returning from Budgewoi Lake. Dean rode his horse 400km this week in an event over 5 days.

Nice calm conditions in the channel

Bob's wildlife shot of the day

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