Buff Point - 4 April 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's pictures first - Friede manhandles his timber kayak

This is easier

John gets his hull wet

Under the Charmy bridge

Dean on his way upstream in Wallarah Creek

Danny presses on

Bill and Rolf enjoy their day out on the creek

Two Darryls barge up the river

Graeme and Jen in their tandem kayak

Bob and Dean hit some obstacles

Good on you, Paul

Nice shot of Bob, Harry!

This is Bob again, nice contrast.

Plenty of dead trees in these creeks

Daz in his colourful kayak

Nice shot of Two Dazzes

Bob's photos now, nice rainbow, Nikki!

Plenty of rain today

Boat ramp, Edgewater Park

Ray and Nikki

Michael and Bronwyn, happy campers!

Trevor and Jill not used to these paddles

Hey, phone for you, Fried!

Another nice picture of Dean

Cheers Brian!



Dean and Danny have a chat


Bill and Rolf

Darryl M and Darryl C

Darter Base

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