Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie - 23 October 2018

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - Lori B at Cams Wharf

Doug heading up the shore

Laurie at Pulbar Island

John Patto at Pulbar. If some of these captions are not quite right, remember the captionista was not there on the day.

Yep, pretty sure that's John

Given the position of the Eraring chimneys, I'd say JP and Lori B are paddling up the south side of Pulbar.

Lori spent a lot of time at Pulbar

Harry's pet eagle

Scenic coastline

Nature's pallette


A mystery kayaker from Newcastle. Muscles!

Bob's photos now - Peaceful day on Lake Macquarie



Dennis and Knut

Dean paddling

Dennis heading up towards Swansea

Dennis loves this sport

This must be on the eastern shore of Lake Mac

Knut with awesome geology

Chiaroscuro (light and dark)

Brian goes ashore in the quest for rubbish

Daz2, Darryl C

Dennis and Daz1, Darryl Mannix

A cormorant actually caught something

Daz2 and little birdy mate

Tres amigos

The beauty of kayaking

Knut on absolute waterfront

Knut paddles up Galgabee Creek

Dougie in Galgabee Creek

Dennis blockades the creek

Brian fits an old wartime machine-gun nest in his bucket

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