Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie - 10 January 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Bob's photos first - Linda, Diane and Rolf at the boatramp. These are cyclist's legs!

Rolf on his own

Getting there!

Sandra and Bill, with Pulbar in the distance

Diane, ready for her morning's paddle

Joe and Bobbie enjoy the moment

Annie and Johnny Daley



Darryl showing us something

First-timer Allan, looking quite at home in his kayak

Matching kayaks for Debbie and Ian

Knut shows us the amazing State Forest

Bob shows us his recreational watercraft (he wishes!)

Nice of Kee to drive up the 85kms to play with us.

Kee (detail)

Three pointy noses

One Kee, two Dazzas!

John Stone, nice to see you today, John!

More of Nature's creations

The melting tree

John cruises past a cliff

Box Rock, so named because it looks like a box, and it's a rock

The start of Harry's photos. Kee gets a hand with his kayak. Nice ute, Kee!

Bill and Sandra

Bob, by Harry

Debbie, Linda and all their swannie mates

Rolf and his buddies take a break

The latest in huge fast jet-skis. Scary!

Swansea bridge open for business

Supergirl Viv checks out Swansea

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