Canton Beach, Lake Tuggerah - 18 July 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Trevor and Jill in the weeds


Malcolm (detail)

Diane Bobby

Margaret G

Nice profile, Mal

Despite all those hulls, Lawrie is just as fast as I am (not saying much, I know)

And there's me, with one hull, and long arms

John and Annie having a race with Malcolm

Friede on his sit-on kayak. Just as fast as a sit-in

Debbie making a splash

A very nice house at Pipeclay Point, with Barry greeting us.

Margie and her mates in the middle of Tuggerah Lake

Ian is an élite senior athlete.

Nice Margie

Rolf and his friends. Chalk up 30km for Rolf today!

Pretty Nikki

Alan, Sandra, Graeme and Jenny

Al and Sandy

Jen and Gra, not sure which is which.

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