Toukley Kayakers
Ourimbah Creek, Chittaway Point - 23 January 2018

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Forty Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Water Dragon flaked out

Female and male ducks

Debbie is the first kayaker

Debbie's mate Keith

So, Ray brought his s-i-l Alan and 2 g'sons Tylah and Taj. Remember the names. This is Taj

Good shot of Col, Harry




Trevor, Phyllis, Julie and Danny under the railway bridge

Danny taking photos with his non-waterproof phone


A with T & T

Rolf wrestling his kayak over a log

Which way?

Bob, whose photos are following

Taj getting down

Bob gets his kayak over the weir. Ray looks like an insert!

Ray, without the family

Bob's pictures now - at the boat ramp

Julie, back after 6 years

Debbie, always positive

Ian, or Moonie, makes an appearance

Dennis, who paddled with me coming back

Trevor still paddles under all the trees or over logs


Tylah, or Tyler



Fred and Mike

More Nikki

Dean on his new craft

Ray and Merrill

Dad and sons

Harry and Bob. Don't know who took this, but it's Bob's camera.

Pity you can't sell this firewood.

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