Ourimbah Creek, Chittaway Point - 5 July 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - Ray's grandsons, Tahj and Tyler on Ourimbah Creek at Sunshine Park

Keith lifts his kayak over Danny's vessel

Ray prepares to launch

Good shot of Nikki on the creek

Up at the weir, Tahj does all the hard work while Tyler has a rest

Rolf goes up the wall

Have to get out here and lift, while Danny stands by.

Yesss! Got through!

Danny in the slightly damp conditions

Off go Tyler and Tahj through the early morning mist

Paddling upstream

Keith negotiates the wall coming back

Bob completes the tricky transfer to his kayak

Tyler and Tahj head for the rocks for their preferred way down

Andrew contemplates his next move while Ray has a nap

Andrew didn't need any help


Rolf gets on the wall, his keys clearly in place still

Stage 2, get the kayak alongside

Bob's photos now - The boys get started. Despite the difference in their sizes, they are only a couple of years apart I think.

Come on, Grandpa!

Nikki, by Bob

Brian and Harry enjoying the rain

Danny tries to jump his kayak into the creek (didn't work)

You're a lucky man, Ray!

Keith rugged up

Danny makes his way over the rocks

Finally through!

Keith again

Kayaking the Toukley way

Just drop the kayak over the wall

Grandpa gives moral support. Ther finished up coming back down the rocks.

Brian could be the senior kayaker today

Nikki starts her transfer onto the wall

Tyler does all the work, in his bare feet on the rocks, in the freezing water

All aboard

What can I say!

These kids made our day!

Snake-neck drying its wings, nice, Bob!

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