Ourimbah Creek, Chittaway Point - 29 May 2018

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Photos by Bob

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Excellent facilities at Sunshine Park, Chittaway Point

Diane is a legend among her grandchildren, having ridden her bike 98kms on Sunday, instead of playing with them

Nice to seen Keefat again

Paddling towards the lake

George, closer up than the last photo

Danny out on the lake

Viv and friends

Nice to see Linda again

You know, Brian makes lovely cakes. That's why we let him come.

John L'Es has his bearing on the side of his kayak

New Dave in his great little sit-on.

Nikki looking very nice.

Fred on the creek

Mike looking like Kaptain Kayak

Swans paddling rather than flying

Yes, I know, they are pelicans, and this one has very long legs.

John Flip with some kayaking strangers resting on the headland

Flip (see his name in red on the hull) had graduated from a back-to-front rowboat to a Finn Skinn.

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