Chittaway Point - 1 November 2016

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Bob's photos first - Frank in his stunt kayak

Keith dressed up as a pox doctor's clerk

Carol looking bright and sunny

John and Annie. I think she's sneezing.

Shirley and Frank launching

Yeah, nah, not sure who this is, Doug?

Dennis gave me a history lesson about Pancho Villa

Oh, Geezas, where did you come from!

Doug in a new Barracuda

Brian is an experienced cook, as well

Frank and Shirley

Garry and Dennis

Harry at peace near the old Tuggerah Pier

Carol, John and Annie close to The Entrance, about 3km away

Harry's pix now - Thank you, Carol!

What the well-dressed punter is wearing

Sue and friends at the start

Paul Allen! I never saw him all day!

Frank's going down!

I think by the serene look on his face, Frank knows what he's doing. Self-rescue?

Pelicans on the remnants of the pier

Can't see who this is, but she's found a fur seal I think

Lori gives her new kayak a good wash, followed by a rinse, then a polish. She wrote your report today.

Alan's big birthday (70th). Photo frame courtesy Sue. How many other clubs do this?

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