Ourimbah Creek, Chittaway Point - 25 September 2018

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Photos by John, Bob and Danny

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Danny's photos first - Naturally formed water feature garden

Looking back

John Paterson's photos - Danny dodging driftwood

Turnaround point with Dennis

Watchers at the weir

Bob's photos now - the launch venue

Ray awaits the order to set sail

John Wood and Barry


Viv and friends head west

Knut at a picturesque location on Ourimbah Creek

Didn't see much of Mike today, but here he is

Nikki stayed safe

A great shot of Rolf

At the weir. Danny tries to board. What could go wrong?

All wet and kayak upside down

Dennis has a go

John gets back in

Danny sorts out the traffic

Rolf holds things steady while Danny gets his leg in

Close look at a water dragon

John P grabs the woodwork - a risky manouevre

Dennis helps John W by getting out of the way

Another nice spot on the creek

Yeah, nice!

John survives the hazards

Bob's attempt at wildlife photography

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