Cockle Creek, Speers Point - 13 March 2018

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Photos by Bob W

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Diane 'Bobby' is our cover girl this week

The scene at the Cockle Creek boat ramp

Darryl1 looking splendid for kayaking


Darryl2 in his evening wear


Ray and Nikki

Nice photo, thanks Bob

Danny in the beautiful river environment

Danny and two Dazzas

Dean came up the creek with us

Bill sets a fast pace. Now I find that he is a former kayak racer

Nikki's coming back. Must be nearly at the end

Daz1 greets returning paddlers Di and George

George and Di rode their bikes 96km on Sunday. Kudos!

This is the Frederick Street bridge

Darryl at the end of the creek. A rock wall!

Hey, someone different! Lorraine joins us again

Last but not least, Brian collected heaps of rubbish today.

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