Davistown - 21 March 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - John Wood sets off

Andy and Sue work on policy

Doug couldn't paddle due to a bung ear

Moonie in paradise


Dean joined us again

A vision of Debbie

Viv and Deb waiting for instructions

Another shot of Ian slipped in

Gary sits high

Thanks Brian

Darter winging it

Carol heads for the Spike Milligan Bridge

Bob's photos now - All heading west

Davistown launch site

Bob looks after the kayaks

Harry and John cross paths

Our prize-winning photographer (Harry)

Carol and ?? at Woy Woy's Red Brick Wharf

Beautiful smile from Carol

Fred checks out a more expensive model

Bob gives cheek, unusually for him.

The long red kayaks slide through the water

Gaz in the shallows

Bob admires the Central Coast Ferry

John surfs on the ferry's wake

Fred digs deep

Nice to see Claire agin

Glad you made it, Keith

Bob wins the prize for the most photos

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