Davistown - 26 September 2017

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Photos by Bob Wark

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Nice little beach near Restella Street boat ramp

Hanky-panky with Fred and Lorraine

Barry getting out of the shallows

Carol passes an ocean liner

Annie and John in their full-size canoe

Must be school holidays - Lorraine is off work

Ray and his shy friend, Bob

Thank you Ray!

This is where we were at 8.50am. Hope you weren't late.

Baz and Gloria

Slightly out-of-focus Danny

Lorraine inspects Hubert Island Bridge, and the mussels

Our very helpful lady today - Debbie!

Keith is here too

Brian found only one piece of plastic today - well done you locals. Maybe sea creatures ate the rest!

Bob without his disguise (left) and Viv, with everything exposed

Ray about to get swamped by the ferry

Ask Bob why he included this funny old house. Maybe it's the one Loz just bought at Empire Bay

Voilà! And Loz takes it away for the week.

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