Dora Creek - 15 August 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Lawrie assembles his trimaran

Peter and Lorraine check they haven't left anything behind

All these kayaks are left behind. Dora Creek on kayak day.

Lorraine with her pet ducks

John likes to get his photo on the internet

Jill and Trevor - they went thataway!

Darryl - no, they went thataway!

Malcolm on Dora Creek

Dean checks his Strava

Lawrie in a nice place

Bob's back from holidays

Danny dressed for the occasion

Bob and Fred go under the Dora Creek Bridge (known locally as 'the bridge').

Danny and John at their turn-around point, 5.4km from the start, in Jigadee Creek

Hi, Ian the moonman

Keith (known locally as Keef).

Ray is such a funny bloke!

Lawrie seems a happy guy too.

Brian is our sargeant-at-arms

Malcolm, Diane (she's the one in the middle) and George

Di's hubby George, on his own

Malcolm's bright clobber lends a rosy glow to everything, even his face.

Friedeman in his 20ft home-made kayak

Dedicated Nikki


The Three Billy Goats' Bridge up the top of Jigadee Creek

What a lovely scene! Thank you Harry!

Bob's photos now - This shot is to show how much rain we had, and Lawrie again.

Doug supervises the pre-launch festivities

Our friend Joe. We nearly killed him once!


Fred and Steve (he's the one in front)

Nice shot of Harry, by Bob

Dean and his reflection

Fred (Louise) reflecting

Rolf thinks he's still paddling a dragon boat

Moonie and, introducing, Dennis!

Danny and John chatted all the way back

Top day out in the kayaks!

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