Dora Creek - 26 June 2018

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Photos by Danny, Harry and Bob

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Danny's shot of Shingle Splitters Point, Balcolyn

Harry's photos now - Brian collecting garden furniture

Friede freezing on his sit-on kayak

Brian unloading his cargo at the dock



Strangely rosy picture of Moonie and Dennis

Diane. I'm sure she's had her hair done for kayaking

Husband George, no hair-do


Ray doesn't like the cold

Our mate Azi

Dennis negotiates the forest

Bob's photos now. Moonie, Dennis, Flip, George and Bobby Di

Nice photo of Friede

Bobby Di wrangles her stick while George gives advice

Nikki shoves off

Bill at the start. Then he went the other way with Danny and Brian.

You look nice, Dennis!


Trevor and Jill

Linda and Di

Doug, Trev and Jill

Ray, Dennis and Keith

Nice shot, Ray!

Dennis and Flip cruising.

Harry in his beanie, and Azi

They're trying to trick me, Harry has changed his hat!
That's all for today, thanks to our photographers.

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