Dora Creek - 5 December 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Bill and the Dora Creek bridge

Dennis and Nikki at the launch venue at Dora Creek

John's short-sheeted rudder pedals brought him undone eventually

Dennis checking left before leaving the bank

Smiley Knut

Pale Nikki

Danny dressed for cold. Discarded the jacket halfway.

Is that you, Arfur?

Plump and juicy marine iguana

The Fernerie

Brian, Keith and Bob, probably

Two intrepid explorers, Rolf and Bill

Did you find a full one, Dennis?

Nice photo of Nikki. Might have to photoshop some eyes on her.

Paul, with Viv on his right shoulder

Viv enjoying herself

Viv defeats an obstacle

Paul in the thick of it

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