Dora Creek - 21 February 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Bob's photos first - The Toukley Kayakers gather at Dora Creek. Nature shot #1

Their kayaks

Haven't seen Nigel da S for a while. Hey, Nige! (that's what I call him anyway)

Nikki and Allan (or Peter, I wasn't actually there that day)

Know these guys, Jen, Graeme, Annie and John

At the mouth of DC, near the bay (I think)

The one and only Shingle Splitters Point

Looks like Paul is having a go of Viv's surf ski

Annie and John. They are as nice as they look.

Nice rest stop at SSP

Paul, Bob and Nigel. Not sure about the other guy. Don't even know his name.

Now Ray's having a try. Can't sink it!

Harry's quite nice when he's sober.

Lawrie and Dennis enjoy the scenery of SSP. I didn't mean that about Harry, being nice.

Harry's photos now (no, he really is nice all the time) - Andy and Judith get some sun.

Garry totes his boat

Viv gets ready to let other people paddle her ski

Paul gets off the bank.

Nice tree Harry. Nature shot #2.

Beautiful Splingle Shitters Point

One more photo of SSP

Just found some more

Some guys at SSP

A better shot of Jen and Graeme

Got the full height of the trees in this photo

Brian was on the job today

I think Ray's paddle is grounded

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