Danny's European Holiday 2019 Part Three Germany

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Photos by Danny

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Actually still in Maastricht. Military display in the town square

Nice armoured car

Military Band played some very nice music

My ideal shopping trolley

In Bonn now - Beethoven statue, detail.
Actually it wasn't that easy. Some well-meaning Australians on the train convinced me to go with them, then I lost them and stayed on the train to Franfurt, 120km away. Got back eventually, thanks to nice porters.
Cathedral in Bonn CBD

Town Hall (Rathaus)

My hotel, next to the station and the CBD

Münsterplatz, the main town square, with a market on today.

In the Beethoven shop. Not that exciting, just CDs and books.

Town Hall, Bonn

Don't know what this is. Abstract art?

Bonn Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station)

Beethoven statue, almost complete.

Could be the Church of Baby Jesus, all dressed in swadling clothes

Finally found the Rhine river, big, fast-flowing, full of barges...

See the guy on the SUP?

He's still there, in the middle of the river. That T-shaped object in the sky is a kite (not the bird)

Just what I needed - a dose of culture, but it's not open today.

After miles of walking, I had a nice cold beer and a sit-down

Next day in the Münsterplatz there is a big ambulance, fire and rescue display.

I'm getting flashbacks to my misadventures in Chantilly.

This looks like fun!

An ancient part of Bonn that wasn't bombed during two world wars.

Just sitting relaxing in the warm sunshine.

Next day I left Bonn and caught the train to Cologne (Köln). The taxi couldn't get to the hotel as there was this marathon run, leaving me 500m short.

Easier to find the Rhine in this city, just walk down to the end of my street. That big boat-shaped object in the middle is just a building.

Found a wonderful little kiosk and servery right there. Ordered something which could have been a hot-dog but turned out to be this delicious basil pizza. Bliss!

Just enjoying my holiday. Feels surreal!

That tall building on the left is the servery/restaurant where I had lunch.

The Lindt Schokoladen (chocolate) Museum

The Chocolate Shoppe. I didn't buy anything!

Looking out over the Rhine.

You can find your way around Köln by looking for the church spires. The one at the back is the Cathedral in the city, about 800m away.

Tour group admiring the architecture

Approaching the magnificent Cologne Cathedral

The Köln Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway station), whence I got a taxi to my hotel. Turn around and there is the cathedral, cross the platz then there is Hohe Strasse (High Street), below. Only then did I realise that this is the same street the hotel is in, so I could have walked, as I did a few times, about 1.7km.

Very busy and exciting walk down Hohe Strasse.

Right down at the other end of the same street, near the river, you can sit and have an ice-cream, with an admiring audience.

Nice autumn tree and ancient belfry

There is an ancient wall across the area, called Severin's wall, and this is a watchtower.

An interesting (to me) industrial barge.

Walk along the river then back into the city, to the cathedral

Köln Cathedral, side elevation

This was the cathedral in 1947. Lucky to survive.

This is a model of the finial on top of the spire. It must weigh several tonnes. How did they get it up there?


Left Cologne the next morning bound for Düsseldorf, my final German town. With the help of my little phone, I walked to the hotel, about 2.6km.

The smell of these waffles dragged me inside for one. Irresistible!

Despite the cost of $400 a night, the hotel was 3rd rate, with no service or dining room. This was the view out of my window.

But full marks for trying.

On my last full day there, I walked, again with the help of my phone, to see the Rhine, or at least part of it. After 5km I was so tired I caught a taxi back.

Next morning I caught a taxi to the airport, and claimed my good seat for the long trip home. Thanks for looking!

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