Budgewoi Lake at Gorokan - 14 February 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Bob's photos first - The scene at Gorokan Boat Ramp

Jill looking spiffing

Discussion about the best way to go

Graeme's ready for the attack

A very friendly and attractive congregation

Fred - whoops, white side up!

Great tools, these little pumps

Joe and the soon-to-be gone Munmorah chimneys

Diane crosses the channel

Nice to see Bob back, looking well

Merrill and Ray near the Toukley shore

Annie and Viv are inseparable

Knut and his mussels

Las dos amigas

Friede heading back to Gorokan

What th'!

The young and lovely Mrs Brown knocks over 70 years.

Harry's photos now - Glenn slices through the choppy seas

His wife Gail thinks it's fun!

This is a working harbour

Bob and Ray somewhere nice

Fred and Bob pass the Volunteer Marine Rescue HQ, Peel Street, Toukley

Graeme and Danny in calm waters

Annie and Viv at the Rescue HQ

Nikki on a break

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