Tuggerah Lake - 30 August 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Bob's photos first - Launch venue at the Fish Co-op, Gorokan

Harry watches Judy get dressed

Ralph launches his kayak

John and Annie dressed up against the cool weather

Harry gets a shot going under the old bridge, now a fishing deck

Darry and Harry head towards Wallarah Bay

Keith and Andrew near the Wallarah Bay Club

Judith and Andrew at Pipeclay Point

Ian, with The Entrance in the background

Good ol' Bob

Scenic point, probably Karraganbah

Bob gets into the shot

Bob loves wildflowers

Danny at an ancient wharf on Tuggerah Lake, at Wyongah

Ralph just leaving The Entrance

Carol enjoying the marvellous day

Annie and John have ditched their jackets now

The marker with those cones means something, but I can't remember what, something like stay west of me.

Meet Diane, Queen of the Lake

And her loyal subjects. Actually, black swans were more numerous

Bob can't get past the bridge

Keith joined in the fun

Harry's photos now - Ralph starts his journey

Darryl won't drag his kayak, even on wet grass

Dougie's jacket lasted about 5 minutes

Andrew in the rush hour

Colour-coded Maurie shows off the beautiful lake

This marker has a different message, equally mysterious

Dennis on a break

Finally, Daz in a picturesque scene. Thanks for looking!

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