Gwandalan - 21 November 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Trevor and Jill in Crangan Bay

Bob. You look the same this week, Bob!

Golfing's highest award, Double Eagle!

We've only just started, Daz, cheer up! Joe's behind.

Arthur managed to come today, good on ya Arfur!

Bob's photos now, yeah I know, Harry short-changed us - John DZ carefully launches his kayak.

George is obviously enjoying his new-found sport.

Di is very happy to have her hubbie join in the fun

Very cool, Darryl

Jill and Trevor

Brian is an energetic chap.

Stan hasn't been for years! Welcome back! (His wife's on a cruise)

John del Z in Mangrove Gully Creek

Chaos in the creek

Danny turning round in the creek


Hi, Debbie!

Nikki up the creek

Peter and Lorraine

Yes, this is Ray, in his Ninja kayaking outfit

Nice shot of rainbow lorikeets making a nest. Nice photos, Bob!

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