Gwandalan, Crangan Bay - 14 June 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - Sandra and Bill push off

Frank and Debbie glide out to sea

Friede with his lovely new legs

Looking very sweet, Nikki at the venue

Andrew gets comfortable

John and Annie relax

Bob's not ruddy, it's just his jacket and hull reflecting

Torpedo Doug off the starboard bow!

Keith and Daryl, both late and both wearing the same hats

Somebody's dream yacht

Nice to see you again Kee!

Ian shows off the beautiful Lake Macquarie

Nice paddling conditions, Gloria!

Harry's wildlife shot, a sea eagle

Judy and Andy looking at the eagle

Rolf's on a mission

Bob's photos now - lovely shot of the 3 mouseketeers, Bob, Deb and Kee

Watch what you're doing, Bob!

Dianne loves kayaking

Sabina and John drove all the way from Summerland Point (2km)

Steve and Friede. Oh, they were Steve's legs!

Fred in beautiful Crangan Bay

Barry interrupted his paddling so Bob could take a photo

Claire and Gloria near the Halekulani Bowling Club

Fried and Stephen adrift

Joe and Steve near some cliffs

Golly, cliffs!

Kee and Gaz wave hello

Garry, front elevation

Nice shot, Harry!

Judy and Andy in the bush

Gloria and her mates

Harry got out of his kayak for this photo. Hang on, these are Bob's photos!

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