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Gwandalan - 7 March 2017

Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Jen and Graeme, paddled from home (Murrays Beach)

Jen, detail

Michael and Bronwyn




Out in the wild

Alan and Sandra

Jill and Trevor present arms


Rolf and Lawrie

Sabina and John

Who's this, Doug?


Spooky Creek

Bob's photos now - Ralph and Rolf. Not to be mixed up.

Keith adjusts his hat

Keith and mates head north

The Browns with Bill A

Alan and Sandra

Keith and Sue

Sue in a bit of heaven


Ralph doing chin-ups

Friede with Jill and Trev

Nikki and crew

Sabina and John again

Top nature shot - Sea eagle

Plain oyster-catcher?

Darryl gets help

Epic fail!

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