Hardys Bay - 3 April 2018

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Photos by Danny and Bob

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Danny's photos first - Not going fast now, but this ferry stormed into view around the point

Ettalong Beach over the other side


Lovely old house in Booker Bay

Nice area! Anyone know any of the residents?

This is as close as we got to Half-tide Rocks. Lion Island in the sea.

Bob's photos now - Getting ready to embark

Nice pic, Bob!

Barry loves this stuff!

Brian heading out. Came back with an oyster tray with a fresh dozen in it, and a huge piece of timber. Didn't take the shellfish as we couldn't get the wire cage open.

This is nearly half the fleet. The road is Araluen Drive.

Ray and Baz.

Nice to see you again, Knut!

Keith gave it a go.

Nice to see Sue on the water too.

Ray and Keith motor past

Plenty of room under here.

Knut negotiates the off-shore mangroves

No doubting Trevor and Jill's commitment either

Doug's new hip joint is working very well

Doug's thinking of buying into the area.

Dean had to be very careful in this choppy water on that skinny kayak/ski

Doug likes this nice little boat too.

Barry in calmer water

Funny-looking effect as the cloudy sky gives way to the sunshine

It's not easy getting out of these things

Dean has an advantage with his low kayak

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