Hardys Bay - 10 May 2016

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Thirty-one photos by Bob and Harry

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Harry's photos first - The pristine beach at Hardys Bay

Andrew getting his kayak ready

Ian and Bob setting off, with Lori behind

Danny concentrating on not tipping over

Sue faces the elements

Nice shot of Bob, our other photographer

Keith brought a spare leg

Another Bob, with Ettalong Beach behind, way behind

Knut in the choppy water

Conditions are rugged near the oysters

Knut and Efim somewhere nice

A bit more sheltered closer to the bridge

Nice real estate over there

No tide running at the moment

Nice yacht!

Boaty McBoatface

Bob's photos now - Ray stands guard over our fleet

Viv paddles in the shallow water

Kayaking across Hardys Bay

Harry, by Bob

Ian's on a mission

Lori leads the way

Andrew by the Hardys Bay jetty

A couple of Europeans in our club

Knut in the bay

Harry in some smoother water

A nice smile from Lori

The only shot of Carol

Brian looking for flotsam, and jetsam

Keith and Viv enjoying the paddle

Very brave kayakers

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