Hardys Bay - 11 July 2017

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Photos by Harry

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Knut with his smiley face

Brian didn't find much rubbish at Lobster Beach

I hope you're warm, Viv!

Chilly morning for Doug

Hi Barry!

Keith in Hardys Bay

Paul has come the furthest of all paddlers. Keen!

John and Annie all rugged up

Looks like hard work, Lawrie

A passer-by? (I wasn't there)

Looks like Keith heading out to sea. Iceberg off the starboard bow!

Nice to come ashore at beautiful Lobster Beach, in Broken Bay.

Nice spot!

Lori B, Brian, Knut and Lawrie do a spot of sunbathing on Lobster Beach

Viv and Keith A look out to the pleasant Northern Beaches

Keith gets his kayak pointed in the right direction

Heading back to Half-Tide Rocks and Ettalong Palace

Bill and his beautiful wooden kayak

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