Lake Munmorah 27 March 2018

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Getting on the water

Dean looks good

Viv is amazing paddling this ski

Nikki and Mike

Joe getting down to business

John in his home-made, but professionally done, forwards rowboat


Cormorant drying out

Brian finds an abandoned shark

And tows it home

Nice eagle shot, Harry

We are so lucky to live in an eagly area, and to have and to have Harry to take the pictures for us.

Bob's photos now - Full view of John's craft

Joe and Dean should never be seen, apart.



Yay! Doug's finally back on deck, after having a lump of his femur removed. Welcome back, Doug!

Moonie and Doug aren't talking

Bob can take bird pictures too.

Looks like Keith

The Enchanted Forest, Lake Munmorah

Seabird resting spot

Bob back near Mackenzie Park

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