Mannering Park - 14 November 2017

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30 Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Lovely shot of Bob and Vales Point

Bob up closer

Ray emerging from the Rutley Road pipes

Bill is quite happy to be out of the pipe

Lori B up Wyee Creek

Some of the guys up past the Enchanted Forest. That's a coal conveyor on the hill

Brian did a good job today, cleaning up rubbish

Hi Ray!

Paul a bit pixilated



Laid back Dean

Bill in his Chesapeake wooden


Magnificent sea eagle

Bob's photos now. The launch venue at Vales Point Park

Morning, John!

Happy and friendly, Lori B

Lawrie not going through the pipes, due to oversize restrictions

Harry in Wyee Bay

Darryl C in his short manoeuvrable kayak

Birthday Boy Danny, hammering down his hatch lid after taking photos

Ray and Fried

Keith in the Enchanted Forest

Trevor and Jill

Dapper Darryl M

Ray and Danny



Last, but not least, is Paul A

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