Morisset - 26 December 2017

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Photos by Danny on his Smartphone

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Bleak-looking conditions near the launch site.

Heading up towards the hidden creek

The scene across the lake towards Mannering Park

Into the creek and up to the bridge, Rolf demonstrating.

Bobby looking so cool

Keith is next

George motors through. Sorry about the face spoiler.

Peter is next

Then the lovely Lorraine

Jill cruises past. She did say "Good morning".

There are many beautiful trees up this creek. These are some of them.

Jill high-lights some more trees

Lorraine is enjoying this paddling excursion

Peter carefully navigates a water hazard

This is as far as Rolf and I can go without disembarking.

Love these angophoras.

Lovely scene, thanks Rolf.

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