Morisset - 27 June 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first. Flopsy, Mopsy

and Cottontail

Brian getting his shit together

Darryl2 getting sorted. Darryl1 is just out of hospital.

Bob makes his way out of the mangroves

Bob, Claire and Diane get their kayaks untangled

Laurie struggles with his box kite.

Good shot of Paul

Ian exits the pipe under Rutleys Road

Malcolm drags himself out

Debbie serenely floats out into Wyee Creek

Good to see Greg back after a break

No show without Diane

Doesn't John always look the same. Smarten yourself up John!

Bob's photos now, and we start with a view of the launch venue

Nikki can just get her hips in her hull

Debbie's just come from the hairdresser

Nice pic of Keith, Bob!

Annie and John frame Moonie

Nice couple

Dean and Laurie in front of Manno

Iron Man Rolf

Waiting to go through the pipes

Harry lurking in the shrubbery

Another one of Greg, love.

Bob looking very laid back

Beautiful shot, Di!

Debbie guides her kayak out of the pipe

Heading back

Claire told me she fell in the drink disembarking.

Here is Claire looking a million $AU

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