Chittaway Point - 13 December 2016

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Photos by Bob

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Bill A at the Sunshine Park venue, Chittaway Point

Ray standing by

Kayaking Nigel, back after a long absence

Welcome, New Guy!

Another kayaker unknown to me. Welcome!

Yep, I know these whackers - Chris, Ray and Merrill

Darryl and Paul paddle up Ouimbah Creek

Brian with his sack full of crap

Paul makes ripples

Ray has discarded his life jacket for comfort in the heat. Did I mention it was 36°C?

Ray (at the back) and Merrill

Bill A enjoying himself

Bob and John

Azy. We toured NZ together!

Mark and mates at the weir

Andy waiting for Judy to pull the kayak over the weir

My mate Garry!

Nice to see Col on the water again

Now, Christmas lunch - Keith, Dazza and Mark, and someone else

Very nice! Danny and Lori enjoy the occasion

Azy smiling this time

Merrill, Ray and Chris show off their lucky door prizes

If I had time I would have photoshopped some eyes onto Trevor. Jill looks lovely though.

Lunching al fresco, Andy, Ju-ju, Gaz and Dell

The three mouseketeers, Keith, Ray and Ian, whom I didn't even see today

Wonderful Debbie

Chris, Bill and Glenn. Did you know that Glenn used to have black hair and beard?

Kee and Glenn

Three beautiful ladies - Dianne, Deb and Dell

Dell's hubbie Friede, Nigel and Nikki

Digging in to the gorgeous desserts (trifle and pavlova)

Our champions of the day, Doug and Sue. Thanks you two!

First recipient of the rescue awards, Joe, with his medal and floaties

Hero of the disaster, Bede, with his awards.

John Stone's picture of water activities on the Ourimbah Creek (Bill, and Bob swimming)

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