Parsley Bay - 13 February 2018

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Sandstone

Red yacht

Brian starts his mission

John del Zot




Northern Line bridge over the Hawkesbury River

Sandstone and green trees

More sandstone. Look, sorry about the brevity, but I haven't got any time to waste writing unnecessary verbiage.

Interesting sculpture

Different sedimentary rock

Beautiful plumage!

An interesting example of sandstone carving, by The Wind.

Another stunning rock

Dean taking photos of the Motorway Bridge, or the Old Pacific Hwy.

Brian doing stirling work

Dean facing the other way

The Davistown Ferry. Maybe.

Bob's photos now - Preparing to launch

Viv again


Whaat? Is that you Bob?

Malcolm (detail)


Good shot of the old bridge and the new one, which is now old also.


Lori presenting an old concrete structure, the purpose of which eludes us. Maybe a crane base?



Harry lost in the mangroves

Keith Aren't

Knut, Viv n John

More Knut.

Good shot of the rail bridge

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