Patonga - 17 April 2018

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's magnificent eagle photos first - This is an adult

Flying near hazards

Front elevation

Adult, left, teaching immature bird how to get out of the nest
and look for a job.

I'm glad I had Harry tell me what's going on.

Still on his case

I'm not culling any of these magnificent portraits

I'm outa here!

The fleet heading upstream

Trevor and Jill

More fussing birdie parents, Annie and John

Father Paul

So many children Lorraine doesn't know where to put them

A new guy.

Ian, about whom many Nursery Rhymes have been written. Like this one: The man in the moon came tumbling down, to ask his way to Norwich. He went by the south and burnt his mouth, from eating cold plum porridge.


You take a good photo, Dennis!


Bob's photos now. The launch venue.

Look!! Ducks!

Here's one of Lorraine!

Oh, look! Here's another one of Lorraine!

A Large Tree and, who is it? Oh, Lorraine!

Another new guy. Perhaps you photographers could write their names on the back of the photo.

Oh, John and Annie again.

I hope you're not pushing the back of Annie's seat, John

A tree full of shags.

Funny-looking duck

In case you missed her before, here's a shot of Bob's girlfriend, Lorraine.

Bob, you should shift those funny-looking birds into this funny-looking tree.

Inanimate hard objects

This famous honeycomb rock is found all over the ground here.

There's a born leader for you!

Here's a different photo of Trevor and Jill

Loz is looking for Trevor and Jill in the mangroves.

Here's Mr Smiley again

Lorraine goes to the beach

This is the last time I'm going to put every photo up!

John's got a new kayak this week. Looks good!
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