Patonga - 6 September 2016

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Photos by Bob and Harry

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The scene at Patonga Creek launch venue

Dennis gets his leg in

Dennis and his mates

Diane ready to roll (over?)

Nikki looking fresh

John and Annie in the mangroves

What a shock! Paulie is here!

Lori and Rolf head upstream with the tide

Haven't seen Greg for years! Welcome back, mate!

Ian in his hard plastique

Fred made some delicious chocolate cheesecake for m/t

Doug in the shallows

Keith's got a new hat!

Great shot of a feeding sea eagle, thanks Bob!

Margaret hasn't been for ages either. Hi Maggie!

Danny's here every week, nearly

Lori in the beautiful National Park

Dennis giving it heaps! I've never seen a kayak on the plane!

Harry's photos now - John Wood

Eddy The Eagle

Andrew in action

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