Saltwater Creek, Tuggerah Lake - 17 January 2017

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Photos by Bob

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It's all happening on the bitumen at the boat ramp

We have to share with the boat-people of course

Nikki and Brian get organised

Diane always enjoys Tuesdays

This is Allan's second time, wonder if he'll try for a third

Lyn McK and Allan on the placid water

Lorraine's still on holidays, and we're on her bucket list.

Frank and Shirley in their cammo kayak

Darryl and Loz

Danny paddling under the $1m Tumbi footbridge

Looking fresh as a daisy, Shirl!

Nikki startled by a photographer

Jill and Trevor up Tumbi Creek

Ian's checking his emails

Graeme in the beautiful Tumbi Creek

Danny trying to turn his aircraft carrier at the top of the creek, at Wyong Road.

We love this bridge!

Heading back to the lake

And finally, a lovely shot of Lorraine in the lake! Thanks Bob!

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