San Remo - 11 September 2018

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Photos by Bob and John Patto

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John's pix first - Wallarah Creek, angophora gumnuts

Azure kingfisher in the bushes

Great egret on launch

Bob's photos now - Brudenell Avenue launch site, San Remo

Bobby paddled here from home

Hubby George did too


John del Z and newbie Delia


Haven't seen Ralph here for a while

John Patto


Welcome back, Ralph, after your long holiday

Dennis again. Sorry!

The fleet heads west

Lovely here on Wallarah Creek

Rolf also paddled from home

The creek is full of fallen trees

Danny helps Rolf under the low beam

John dZ took his hat off first

Lori didn't need Danny's help, just folded up and glided under

Di Bobby and Lori


Hi, Lori!

Keith gets under the limbo bar

Not smiling!

Lori went up a small creek and got stuck!

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