Wallarah Creek, San Remo - 19 September 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Nikki paddles under the bridge, while a creepy man walks over her

Young Dennis

Bob on his way west

Our wildlife shot of the day. They're pretty big, these darters. Somehow they negotiate the trees with their big flappy webbed feet.

Plenty of kayakers today

All that turbulence around Steve is generated only by him, muscling his way through the water

That's good, Ray. Like a nice smile!

Beautiful countryside

Fred and Malcolm force their way upstream

Lawrie hasn't made any improvements to his trimaran this week

Our mate, Moonie

Joe's enjoying himself

Rolf negotiates the timber

This time he's going over the top

Not far now

More mussel-power

No parking please

Bob's photos now - Abandoned kayaks at San Remo

Crocodiles circling

New guy Robert with his mini two-piece (sit-on kayak)

This is all you'll see of Bob

Fred battles the headwind

Rolf in clearer waters

A representative sample of our kayakers

Getting into the rough stuff

Well-equipped kayak

Friede's wooden kayak

This is the best smile you'll get from Brian. Thanks mate!

Malcolm and Knut passing in the night

Malcolm (detail)

Our Nicole shows us why the lakes are full of silt

Rolf and Harry off on their big adventure

Thank you, Ray!

Sandra and Alan

Steve (side elevation)

Oh no! Here's Bob again!

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