San Remo Wallarah Creek - 19 July 2016

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Photos by Harry

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Busy scene at Wallarah Creek, San Remo

Bede gets his little sit-on Hobie into position

Ray gets some help

Diane doesn't need any help

Frank and Debbie make a good team in his double K

Barry near the Charmy Bridge

Doug eases himself into the hull

A picture of serenity - Nikki is ready for anything

Knut's on the way

Mark and Fred in his big tandem

Love these trees!

Watch out for this widowmaker!

Mark and Fred on a break

First obstacle - a whole tree across the creek

Ian weighs up his chances

Brian in his new wetsuit

Dennis tries his luck on the trunk side

Harry's artistic mono shot

The colour has drained from Dennis's face

Frank and Deb find an opening

Danny attacks the twiggy end of the tree

Nothing can stop Fried

Doug carefully emerges

Steve did a lot of work on the shore, clearing wood away

Diane paddles through

Nikki progresses

Somehow Knut gets under this low log

Fried helps Nikki get aboard after a dunking

There's nothing like a sit-on for convenience

Dennis and Rolf on their way back

Bill, Chris and Lori make an appearance. Thanks Harry for all the photos!

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