Sandy Beach, Summerland Point - 10 July 2018

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Photos by Harry, Bob and Danny

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Harry's photos first - Beautiful lakeside venue at Sandy Beach

Ian and Dennis launch their red catamaran

Dean and Viv cruise past the Vales Point power station

Ian does the same

Lovely scene on the Tiembula Creek

And another nice picture, thanks Harry.

Jill and Trevor paddle the pleasant Tiembula Creek


Bob's girlfriend Lorraine

Not sure what's going on here.

Nice shot of Deano

Jill and Trevor synchronised

Nice pic of a log in the water

Bob's photos now - Keith and Ray in their tandem

Doug heading down to Tiembula Creek

Nice creek this one!

Some sort of waterbird in a tree

Harry taking a photo of Bob taking a photo of Harry

Jill and Trev going upstream, and Dean going down, or the other way round

Here's Lorraine again. Must be the school holidays.

Oh! G'day, Bob!

Lorraine goes under the arch

Nice reflections, Bob.

Here's Lorraine again. Never get sick of her!

Danny's photo - Karignan Creek bridge, just to show I went up there.

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