Speers Point - 2 May 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - A working kayak On Cockle Creek

Knut surveys the scene


Gail and Knut. (I wasn't there, so I'm making all this up.)



Paul paddled up from Blackalls Park (I expect)

Not sure who this is, but a fine looking chap he is.

I know this one, Keith A

Colourful Debbie

That's Bob W

Jenny and Graham

Jenny (detail)

Graeme. The beard threw me for a second.

There are so many funny things I could say here, but I'll just go with Annie and John

G'day Brian!

Bob's photos now, with Harry featuring

and Claire

Harry and Gail (I can tell by the crocs on the deck)

Debbie and, who cares!

Jill and Trevor and the others

Harry and Graeme

Heading out on Lake Macquarie towards Warners Bay

Darryl times two

Nice shot Bob


John and Anne in action


Dean and his son Ben

Hi Ben! Welcome to our club!

This would be North Creek, or possibly South Creek

Knut wrote the report, thanks Knut!

Hey John!

Knut again, heading east

Coming out of South Creek, probably

Mass exodus

Moonie and Knut

The shot you've been waiting for - Bob C!

Heading back to Cockle Creek

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