Summerland Point - 16 August 2016

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Photos by Bob

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The launching pond, Summerland Point, Frying Pan Bay

Brian and Dennis. Not much rubbish for Brian today.

Ian is enjoying himself. I think.

Dennis in the pond

Best photo ever of Rolf

Andrew and Rolf paddled around Pulbar Island, with others

Tom in disguise

Mark and Fred in Frying Pan Bay

Steve in his stealth kayak

Diane up the creek

Tom and Nikki find the end of the creek

Nikki detail

Hang on to this one for your 80th, Di!

Andy and Judy back off

Nice to see John again

Out on the big lake, brilliant morning!

Heading north

Good on ya, Keith!

Danny says Hi as he heads south, in more ways than one.

Alan and Sandra with Sunshine, the village, in the background

Meanwhile, they find the nice little beach

Lovely spot, Point Wolstoncroft!

Steve and Fried, two mates, one kayak

Oh, there's Fried's kayak, beautiful craft it is!

Keith gets out of town

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