Summerland Point - 30 January 2018

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Photos by Bob and Knut

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Bob's photos mainly - Perfect day at Sandy Beach, Summerland Point NSW

Ready for action

Nice shot looking west

Guessing a bit here - Arthur, Michael and Rolf. I wasn't there you see.

Pushing off, with Vales Point power station in the distance

Jill and Trevor getting in the canoe

Looks like Julie's back

Dean and Bob

I've never seen him kayaking before but I reckon this looks like Viv's Michael, with Rolf

Yeah, that's him!

And this would have to be Phyllis. Sorry I missed you guys, but I had tradesmen coming. They arrived at 12 noon.

Who is this guy?

Viv, with Knut

What's happening here?

Viv and Knut at Point Wollstonecroft (PW)

Moonie, I

Phyllis and some old guy.

Very tippy boat, Dean

Knut's gone swimming at PW

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