Summerland Point - 27 February 2018

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Photos by Harry, Bob and Danny

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Danny's photos first - A patch of blue in the cloud

Dennis on Point Wollstonecroft

Pulbar Island looks tempting

The sign says State Conservation Area - Point Wollstonecroft

Just around the point. This way to Gwandalan.

Harry's two photos now - Bob

Nice but neglected yacht, with squatters

Bob's photos now - Tranquil scene at Frying Pan Bay (FPB)


Jen and Graeme (not sure which is which)

Picking our way through the moored money in FPB

An rare re-group

A very pleasant bay really, might bring my yacht up here.

Dean chats to J & G

Moonie and Dennis

Danny waves his expensive phone over the lake water

Dennis and Daniel at Pt Wlstncrft

Nice smile, Ray.

Ray on the lake by himself

Bob C

Nikki at the Point

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